SAGOLA renews and improves the mid-high range of spray guns. The new 3300 GTO, is the result of the fusion of two of the most renown products: 3300 PRO (industry) and 4100 GTO (bodyshop).

The New 3300 GTO is launched with the highest SAGOLA manufacturing standards, competitive prices whilst maintaining a superb service and offering the best warrantee (3 years). All this with strict compliance with the most demanding standards of manufacture and emissions of solvents, with EPA and HVLP systems.

Everything in the 3300 GTO gun is designed to offer the highest durability and reduce maintenance, with a careful selection of materials looking for the balance between lightness and sturdiness.

At the forefront of ergonomics, balance and comfort when painting.

LIGHT but ROBUST body, maintaining the construction in aluminium and stainless steelin all its pieces, giving it maximum robustness and minimum maintenance.

Anodized high resistance with anti-corrosive protection. Easier for cleaning and maintenance process.

3300 GTO

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